Samantha Braddock

Samantha Braddock

I have worked as a general dental practitioner for nearly 30 years as an associate in NHS and private practices throughout that time, mainly in the South West of England. I understand the pressures of working in busy practices and balancing careers and home life. From being over worked to stuck in a rut- change can be a frightening prospect. 

I have always enjoyed spending time with people, in education and suggesting tools to develop learning. After 18 years I decided to vary my career. I gained a Teaching and Learning PG Diploma for Health Professionals, including Management and Leadership. I now combine work as a clinical supervisor with undergraduate dental students in primary care dentistry and in Workforce Transformation as a Dental Tutor for HEE alongside practice life.  

I have experience in developing and signposting lifelong education opportunities, focusing on our individual needs through PDPs and promoting wellbeing in the dental team to lead to quality patient care and safety.  

In 2017 I completed the Coaching and Mentoring Certificate. Life can be difficult and although dentistry can be an enjoyable and rewarding career, it can at times be overwhelming and lonely.  Sometimes we all need a little support or a chance to voice ideas.

I have found the mentoring process valuable for myself and in helping others to untangle thoughts to create pathways and solutions to move forwards. 

Working with colleagues in many stages and roles of the dental career pathway for primary care dentistry has given me opportunity to observe and mentor on challenges that can affect us all, wherever we are on the journey. Mentoring conversations really can change how we look at our present situation and potential future. 

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