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Do you see things as a problem or a challenge? Do you find yourself stuck and unable to make a decision or move on? The answer to these may lie in your mindsets and paradigms. These have a major effect on how we live our lives, deal with challenges and problems along the way. Steven R Covey in his book ‘The seven habits of highly effective people’ suggests that ‘the way we see the problem is the problem’. He is highlighting that our view of an issue shapes how we interact   with others and these have consequences. By changing our view/paradigm or mindset we can reach a different outcome, overcome challenges and problems that are within our control or those we can influence. This allows us to achieve our potential and live a more enjoyable life with lower stress.

I have spent the past twenty years working with people within the dental profession and the corporate world helping them develop mindsets that help overcome challenges and problems, by using mentoring and coaching. Along the way I have been fortunate to have worked in general dental practice, hospitals, universities, including at senior management positions, as well as board level and so understand some of the issues of working in these places. It has given me the chance to learn from some very talented people, understand successful mindsets, all of which I can draw on as a mentor. I have found creating a relaxed fun environment for coaching and mentoring leads to some amazing results.


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Dental Mentors UK is run by two experienced dental mentors.
We are:

We believe that all dental professionals would benefit from regularly working with a mentor from a personal as well as a professional point of view. Mentors are experienced dental professionals who can guide and support you throughout your career.

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