What is Mentoring and Why is it important?

In the first of a new series published in BDJ in Practice Janine Brooks  defines mentoring and explores why mentoring is important in dentistry.

Read some of it below or download the full article here.

Mentoring is by no means a new intervention or method. In one form or another, it has been used in human interactions for thousands of years. This gives reassurance that mentoring is not a fad nor a fashion and most certainly not an experiment.

Steer away from blind alleys

Janine has written a new article in The Voice 
Read some of it below or download the full article here

Dental Mentors UK is a new web-based initiative to promote mentoring for all dental professionals living and working in the UK. By supporting dental professionals who are mentors to be the best they can be and by making it easy for those seeking a mentor, Dental Mentors UK is pushing forward excellence and accessibility of mentoring.

Who is behind Dental Mentors UK?

Dental Mentors UK was developed by two senior dental professionals: Dr Janine Brooks MBE and Dr Jane Davies-Slowik MBE. Jane and Janine are experienced dentists and both have worked in dentistry for more than 30 years.

Find out what Mentoring can do for you

Our very own Janine Brooks is speaking on the 4th July in Winchester about what "Mentoring can do for you".

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The organisation hosting the talk are the Hampshire and Isle of Wight LDC

DMUK response:

- to the GDC consultation document ‘Shifting the Balance’ 
The consultation document can be viewed here

Proposals for action

Dental Mentors UK, is pleased to have this opportunity to comment on this consultation document and contribute to improvements in the education and regulation of the dental profession.

Moving upstream

A greater clarity for all dental professionals and students on the standards required to underpin high professional standards is applauded. In addition to enhanced knowledge, support to maintain professional standards should also be encouraged. The benefits of working with a mentor and/or coach cannot be under estimated in helping professionals keep on the right track.

Who We Are:

Dental Mentors UK is run by two experienced dental mentors.
We are:

We believe that all dental professionals would benefit from regularly working with a mentor from a personal as well as a professional point of view. Mentors are experienced dental professionals who can guide and support you throughout your career.

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