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Welcome to Dental Mentors UK. Thank you for choosing to be part of our profile directory. We are looking forward to supporting you as a mentor for dental professionals. You can now begin to access the resources that are only available to members of the directory.

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Many of the resources are free for you to use and download. Some are fact sheets that you can use when mentoring, others are to help you in your business as a mentor.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Dental Mentors UK provides a range of CPD. This includes 1:1 tutorial support; group tele-classes and webinars; and online learning. Some of the CPD is provided by ourselves, some by our partner organisations, Forton or Dental Coaching Academy. You will be provided with certificates for this verifiable learning. Most  CPD is offered free of charge to members. There may be a charge required for external CPD provided but we will offer these at discounted rates.


Radical Candour 

Wednesday 17th June 2020 18.30 - 19.30 Tutor: Dr Janine Brooks MBE

The radical candor website describes radical candour as a new management philosophy with a strapline of Caring Personally while Challending Directly. The Radical Candour model explores the ways we can most effectively provide feedback to individuals and this includes our mentees.

The session aims to explore the concept of radical candour and how this can be utilised within the mentoring relationship.
During the session we will review the concept of radical candour, grow awareness of pitfalls for mentors and understand how to use the model constructively. At the end of the session participants will be more able to support mentees deepen their self-awareness using the model of radical candour.

GDC outcomes A, B,C, and D

A maximum of 10 delegates. Free for DMUK members


Listening for Emotion

Thursday 10th September 2020 18.30 - 19.30 Tutor: Dr Janine Brooks MBE

The client's emotions are always present and available in a mentoring interaction and the mentor will ask about the clients feelings listen for emotion and reflect emotions back to the client, which helps the client to recognise and work with their emotions.The session aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to use emotionally intelligent mentoring.During the session we will gain a better understanding of what is emotional regulation and understand how emotions influence effectiveness for both mentor and mentee.At the end of the session participants will be more able to analyse what is emotion and be more able to support mentees by using emotion constructively.

GDC outcomes A, B, C, and D

A maximum of 10 delegates . Free to DMUK members


Autism, ADHD and their impact on coaching

Thursday 26th November 2020 18.30 - 19.30 Tutpr Dr Janine Brooks MBE

Some of our clients may have some difficulties such as Autism or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The atypical behaviour and communication can result in referrals for performance and communication issues. A diagnosis may already have been made or it could manifest in difficulties in communicating with the rest of the team or with patients and it is useful for us as coach - mentors to be able to notice these so that we support our clients in the best possible way. It is common for individuals to struggle generally with relationships, including general communication, inattention, extreme focus and repetitive behaviours.

The aim of the session is to raise awareness of how Autism and ADHS can impact on the individual dental professional. During thh session participants will gain a better understanding of what Autism and ADHD are and how they each present, reflect on how these conditions affect adults and review the terms Autism and ADHD and how they can present in adults. By the end of the session participants will be more aware of how Autism and ADHD can impact when mentoring

GDC outcomes A,B,C and D

A maximum of 10 delegagtes. Free to DMUK members

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Use of metaphors

Monday 10th February 2020 18.30- 19.30 Tutor: Dr Janine Brooks MBE

We all use metaphors as part of our everyday language and it reflects how we view the world and ourselves in it. Everyone has a unique take on life and situations and the metaphors we use can help us to increase our own self awareness and that of our mentees - we use them subconsciously. By listening to your coaching/mentoring clients and exploring the metaphors they use can really help us as coaches to explore their world.

This session aims to provide an opportunity to explore the use of metaphor when mentoring.
During the session we will examine what metaphors are, analyse how metaphor can foster understanding and reflect on the use of metaphor within mentoring.
At the end of the session participants will have an understanding of how metaphor impacts on mentoring practice and be more aware of how metaphor can uncover complex experiences for mentees

GDC outcomes A, B, C and D

Maximum 10 delegates. Free to DMUK members


Motivational interiewing

Thursday April 23rd 2020 18.30 - 19.30 Tutor: Alasdair Miller

Motivational Interviewing was first developed in 1983 as a technique by Rollnick and Miller in the mental health field. Its use has spread into health care, criminal justice, education and most recently into sport. This technique is particularly useful when looking at instigating and implementing behaviour changes.
This session aims to discuss how Motivational Intervewing (MI) can assist in mentoring.
During the session we will explore how MI can help in mentoring and gain commitment, rasie awareness of MI OARS - interactive techniques and skills, and how these can be used in mentoring and coaching, and raise awareness of the value of rolling with resistance in mentoring and coaching.
At the end of the session participants will be aware of OARS and how it assists in engaging mentees in getting to an agreed result.
GDC outcomes A, C, and D
A maximum of 10 delegates. Free to DMUK members

360 Appraisal

Friday 12th April 2019 18.30 – 19.30 Tutor: Dr. Janine Brooks MBE 
This tutorial aims to explore the use of multi-source (MSF) feedback to grow insight. During the session we will review the use of MSF andlearn how to use MSF appropriately. By the end of the session, participants will:Be more confident in using MSF and be able to give constructive feedback and interpretation of this tool.

GDC outcomes A,B,C and D

A maximum of 10 delegates. Free for DMUK Members

Honey and Mumford - learning styles

Monday 10th June 2019 18.30 - 19.30 Tutor:  Dr. Janine Brooks MBE
Peter Honey and Alan Mumford developed a model using four different learning styles or ways of learning – Activist, Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist.
This tutorial aims to explore how learning styles of mentors and mentees can affect the mentoring relationship. Participants will be able to discuss how they can recognise the influence their own learning styles have on rapport with their mentees and techniques for developing their less preferred learning styles to deepen rapport and enhance communication.

At the end of the session participants will be more aware of their own learning styles and be more confident in providing developmental feedback to their mentees to move their thinking forward.
A maximum of 10 delegates. Free for DMUK Members 

Monday August 12th 2019 18.30 - 19.30    Boundaries in Mentoring

Tuesday October 8th 2019 18.30 - 19.30    Tools for self awareness - Knowing me, Knowing you

Tuesday  December 3rd 2019 18.30 - 19.30  Mentoring for Resilience

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This is for directory members only and you can use it to ask questions or raise queries. Discussions with other mentors are an important part of support.


Many mentors have already trained in mentoring skills. For those who have no formal qualification and would like to undertake one, Dental Mentors UK provides discounted access to a Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Mentoring and Coaching Leadership. The qualification is awarded by the Chartered Institute of Management and provided by the Dental Coaching Academy. Please click here to learn more. (link to DCA brochure)


In our view this is an essential part of being a mentor. Supervision allows you to ‘download’ some of the issues that have arisen from the mentoring you provide to your mentees. It is a safe, confidential way to share and discuss strengths and areas you would like to improve upon. We offer group supervision several times  a year.

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