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Janki Solanki
Co-founder of KCL Women in Dentistryjanki

I have included Janki in this selection of great women in the dental profession before she has qualified. Why? Because as a student she is an absolute inspiration to women within the profession both before and after qualification. I am totally convinced that Janki will continue her amazing contribution to the profession as she progresses through her career. (Janine Brooks)

Where did you qualify? King’s College London

What Year? 2018

What attracted you to dentistry?

I’ve always known my academic strengths lay in the sciences and my hobbies were more creative. As much as the idea that dentistry mixes art and the sciences is commonplace, I feel clichés are clichés for a reason. The amalgamation of the two sparked my initial interest in the profession.

What has been your most memorable achievement in the profession?

Although I have yet to graduate I am most proud of being the Co-founder of KCL Women in Dentistry. The society was set up to be a network of students and professionals aiming to encourage and inspire women to achieve their full potential.

In honour of International Women’s Day on 8th March we held a screening of the film Hidden Figures which celebrates the strong women that came before us. The society hopes to continue bridging across undergraduate and postgraduate levels.







Which of your mentors have influenced you the most?

Dr Melanie Nasseripour has been my clinical tutor and head of floor for the better part of my undergraduate years. Her passion for the profession and desire to help has not only been inspiring but has influenced my decisions for further study. Dr Cabot, who was Head of Admissions during my year of application, has always had an appreciation for the distinctive skills each of us carry. Although my route into dentistry was not the most standard one, Dr Cabot sees the positives in not being a ‘typical’ applicant and I will always be grateful to him for this.

How have you used mentoring throughout your career?

King’s, like many universities, has a buddy system in place for first year students to be paired up with older colleagues. This encourages students to expand their network across peers in all year groups. Mentoring for me has led to numerous networking opportunities where I have met new acquaintances, some of which have become close friends, and I hope to nurture these relationships throughout my career.



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