Mireille Jackman

Mireille Jackman

In 1985 I began my dental journey as a trainee dental nurse, and in 1991 I qualified as a Dental Hygienist.  I have had the opportunity to work in various parts of the world and I have always attended courses to expand my knowledge through ongoing education.

I am grateful to have experienced many fields of dentistry, but early in my career as a Hygienist I discovered a detailed understanding of perio, and I learned that being a “perio-geek” with a skill in neuro-linguistics was a great combination for successful treatment outcomes. 

I have a passion for sharing the knowledge I have, and for the last four years, I have been involved in teaching clinical skills to student Dental Hygienists/Dental Therapists.  My greatest joy in this role is watching the progression of individuals over the three years of their degree, the evolving confidence and realization that they can, indeed, be great clinicians.  But teaching the clinical skills is just part of it; guiding them through their doubts and insecurities to see them flourish and have positive and realistic expectations and confidence, is where transformations are truly seen.

I believe there is a gap between qualifying and leaving the safety of our training facility, and gaining the experience and confidence as individuals in what is, for many of us, an isolated profession.  The schemes that have been in place for newly qualified dentists are well established. However for Hygienists and Therapists, the schemes are few and far between, with  limited access.  Working in General Practice as a Hygienist or Therapist can feel isolating at times, and also overwhelming. 

Trust me when I say that you are not alone, nor isolated, and I am confident that I can offer pragmatic and logical support, as well as constructive feedback, in your journey as a newly qualified Dental Hygienist/Therapist.  Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear to gain perspective on the situation, and ultimately an outcome that reignites the passion for the profession you chose. 

My wide-ranging experience, my empathy, and effective communication skills are qualities I bring to the coaching and mentoring style I offer, for you to achieve your full potential, and live a more enjoyable work life with lower stress, and a feeling that you are not as isolated as you initially believed.

I believe that everyone needs a mentor or a coach at some point in their professional lives, but more so in those first few years when you are developing your own career and direction, and evolving as a clinician. 

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