Mabel Saw (Dev Adv)

Mabel Saw (Dev Adv)

I am registered as a dentist with the GDC and have more than 35 years’ clinical experience in general dentistry, both in the NHS and private sectors.

My qualifications include CMI Leadership Coaching and Mentoring (Level 7), Pg Cert in Dental Law and Ethics and Cardiff University Bond Solon Certificate in Expert Witness (Civil Law) and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of Leeds). In addition, I am a trained Myers Briggs practitioner and Mental Health First Aider.

As a Clinical Adviser and Expert Witness, I have worked with solicitors with Dental Indemnity organisations preparing Registrants for GDC hearings. Consequently, I am very familiar with the GDC Fitness to Practice process and the possible sanctions and conditions that can be imposed. Likewise, I understand what the GDC FtP panel are looking for in Registrants when considering lifting sanctions and conditions.

In addition to supporting fellow dental professionals, I have mentored dental students to learn reflectively in their early clinical days from complex dental techniques and managing patient expectations.

I ran my own practice from 2005 until 2018 and I am only too aware of the need to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I understand how any domestic issues (poor health, relationship problems, anxiety etc) can quickly affect patient care. Likewise, a demanding patient can distract and consume our thoughts, eating away at our precious time we spend with our loved ones. It has become clear to me that in order to deliver our best care to patients, we ourselves have to be at our best. When we are not at our best, things unravel very rapidly. That is why I passionately believe in mentoring as an effective way to help us get back on our feet when we occasionally stumble.

As a professional Mentor, I have coached other business owners from a wide sector. My clients have commented that I have a warm and friendly approach and that I have inspired them to move forwards despite their individual challenges.


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