Dr John Pereira

Dr John Pereira

The majority of my career was spent developing a typical NHS Family Practice into an award winning referral practice with five specialists and four full time hygienists. I joined the practice in 1979 and spent my final ten years as Senior Partner. This has given me a huge insight into the importance of engendering team spirit amongst staff and clinicians, and empowering all members of the team to participate in a policy of continuous development and improvement. My time there has left me with a vast experience of most aspects of general dentistry and a particular interest in developing communication skills and treatment planning, with a view to undertaking more challenging and satisfying dentistry and enhancing income.

After retiring from my practice I worked part time for Sainsbury’s Centre For Dentistry where I interviewed and appointed dentists, and mentored many of them. I have developed a particular interest in helping to mitigate the effects of “culture shock” in order to assist dentists who qualified outside the UK to adapt successfully and happily to our social and professional culture.

In Autumn 2016 I successfully completed a post graduate qualification in Advanced Dental Mentoring at The University of Central Lancashire, which covered all aspects of modern dental mentoring including support for dentists with Impaired Performance, legal and ethical issues, and revalidation with the GDC.  

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