Dr Kate Warwick

Dr Kate Warwick

Dentistry is a tough career and can cause stress and anxiety. Those that work in the profession can often feel unsupported.

As a dental surgeon of over 25 years I have experienced many of the demands that dental professionals face, from Associate to Practice Principle of my own practice to selling that practice and choosing to become an Associate once again. Every level creates its own challenges, some rewarding, some not so.

Few people are lucky enough to find a job they love and stay in for life. You may question if you are doing what you really want or are achieving what you hoped. You may want to make a change but not sure where, or how.

You may not feel you are achieving your potential and are wondering why. Your work life balance may not be, balanced and you can’t see a way to change this.

I believe a career should be a journey and evolve and grow as you do. It can be rich and rewarding. If your work is in balance with what you want in your life then you will be able to enjoy life, home, and your career.

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