Fiona Patch (Dev Adv)

Fiona Patch (Dev Adv)

I am a senior associate in a large NHS dental practice, with over 20 years clinical experience. I also work for a dentalcorporate as Head of Clinical Quality and Support and an appraiser for HHE in Wessex area. Within these roles, Ihave developed protocols for supporting dentists in difficulty, alongside those with GDC investigations and NHSEngland or GDC conditions. I have also worked with the GDC who are happy with the remediation support that I havedeveloped. I have been an educational supervisor for 6 FD’s and have been a DCT educational supervisor since2020.

I have an understanding of audit, reflection and CPD requirements, alongside work place-based assessment andembedding changes into clinical practice.

I strongly believe that we all have the ability to engage, reflect and develop insight, some of us will benefit fromguidance and coach mentoring around this. Ultimately if we engage with these processes, we can enjoy our clinicaland non-clinical time.


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