Mr Sudhir Radia (Dev Adv)

Mr Sudhir Radia (Dev Adv)

I have evolved my skill set and experience from a principal in my own dental practice, which I continue to run, to now encompass a broad range of regulatory disciplinary work, particularly at one of the prominent indemnity providers, where I worked as a dento-legal advisor since 2000.

Prior to this period, I was appointed to the Panel of the appeals and Disciplinary Committee at the Harrow Health Authority in 1998. Alongside this professional experience, I have gained a series of relevant qualifications, in particular the post-Graduate certificate in Medical Law and Ethics. I have also gained many postgraduate dental qualifications like -MFGDP, DPDS,MGDSRCS believe that I am well-suited to assist colleagues in their predicament. I am also appointed by the GDC as a clinical adviser and expert.

My range of activities as associate dento-legal adviser has been wide-ranging, including the following:

  1. Visiting practices and assisting / advising their members to rectify any shortcomings that may have been identified by the Local Health Authorities, NHS England Area Teams and the GDC.
  2. Attending telephone helplines to answer queries from members regarding matters such as explanation of procedures, handling of complaints and interpretation of GDC and NHS regulations.
  3. Assessing dental records of members who have been investigated for irregularities in their record keeping, treatments and preparing reports for the Legal teams and for the GDC.
  4. Supporting Dentists throughout disciplinary processes from the initial briefing through to the GDC - PCC hearing and assisting them in preparing a remediation bundle to present to their legal team.

In terms of other skills and relevant experience:

  • I have held a number of positions of responsibility, in particular my appointments as the Director of the Northwest Division of the Faculty of General Dental Protection (FGDP) and as the postgraduate Dental Tutor of the London Deanery Centre at the Charing Cross Post graduate Centre and as an examiner for the ORE examination.
  • Being in general dental practice for more than 40 years as a principal I am fully aware of the Data Protection act and the relevant regulations and complaints procedure
  • I have lectured on complaints handling, confidentiality, and negligence at various London Deanery postgraduate centres.
  • I have been on the GDC Register since May 1973 I confirm that I have not had or do not have an adverse history of FTP with the GDC or the NHS England.
  • All my dealing with Colleagues will be strictly confidentiality


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