Adam Jaffa

Adam Jaffa

I came into dentistry by accident and fortunately found a home. For 16 years I managed the practice for my Dad who was a single handed GDP. For the last 10 years I have co-owned the practice with my sister Lucy who is the Principal. I enjoy working within a bigger team that has grown steadily. I love the patient facing part of my role especially working with phobic patients.

Over the years we have developed links within the profession. We run a calendar of training events each year which we deliver or host. That project has lead to lots of interesting conversations with dental professionals about their interests and professional development. I am on the Committee for the Irish Academy for Aesthetic Dentistry which has been a great experience. I have also worked with dentists 1-1 on their practices, teams and individual needs.

I believe that dentistry can be a challenging and joyful profession to work in and also understand that sometimes the stresses and strains can be hidden. I believe that each of us deserves to have a happy and fruitful career on our own terms and that this is not always easy to achieve or maintain. I have always thought that the profession would benefit from slightly more openness about difficulties and a more dynamic culture of peer support.

My training background includes a Diploma in Person Centred Counselling. More recently I have been part of a Balint Group which is a semi therapeutic peer support group. It helps improve patient communication and manage stress. This has been wonderful as I have got to meet others from different health care professions all grappling with the same issues we find in dentistry. There has been a lovely solidarity in our shared mission to care for patients.

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