Rebecca Armson (Dev Adv)

Rebecca Armson (Dev Adv)

I am proud to have just celebrated 25 years of working in NHS general practice, starting asa YT nurse a the tender age of 16! There have been many ups and downs and many experiences thathave helped me to be the dental professional I am today. I now I feel that I am not only knowledgeablein a range of matters within the dental environment but I feel equipped to support my peers in a varietyof ways.

I vast experience of NHS natters, complaints management, performer related matters, CQC, GDC, PSA,NHSLA and civil matters that have all impacted dental colleagues. I am very aware of the tremendousstress colleagues have endured we required to work on professional development.

I have a number of skills which I feel can assist my colleagues such as PDP planning, self reflectivewriting, critical analysis, case studies, peer review, research and academic writing but mainly I feel I amvery down to earth, approachable and willing to be a non judgmental listener and guide. I wouldwelcome the opportunity to support colleagues whether this be an informal chat/discussion or moredeveloped plan of support.


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    Dental Nurse
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    • General Dentistry
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    Not Applicable

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